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What kinds of books is Greenpoint Press looking for?
Right now, we’re most interested in personal non-fiction, which would include memoir, participatory, and reportorial books. At this time, what we’re not interested in are self-help books, biographies, health, science, or religion books. However, we are starting a new line of fiction, under the banner of Trumpet Fiction Books. Our first book is a paperback edition of Swann's Last Song, by Charles Salzberg, which was recently nominated for a Shamus Award for Best First PI Novel. In terms of fiction, we're open to any genre except romance and sci-fi (no offense, both worthy genres, but well beyond our expertise). However, we're looking for quality literary fiction that might be overlooked by larger commercial publishers.

How do I submit to Greenpoint Press?
Please send a query letter, along with a sample chapter. And because our staff is miniscule, in fact, we often have trouble finding them in a small, empty room, please be prepared for a wait of at least a few months.

Do you take electronic submissions?
For the query yes, but if we do ask to see your manuscript, we will need to receive hardcopy.